Colt’s multicast service allows global investors to access SGX Group’s Derivatives data fully in the cloud

Published by Colt Technology Services on April 4, 2024

Singapore, 31 January 2024 Colt Technology Services, the digital infrastructure company, today announced the successful completion of a three-month Proof of Concept utilizing Singapore Exchange (SGX Group)’s Derivatives data, showcasing how Market Data in the Cloud, Colt’s groundbreaking Multicast Raw Market data distribution service for Capital Markets, is unlocking the full benefits of cloud migration in one of Asia’s most important capital markets.

Since becoming globally available in July 2023, Colt Market Data in the Cloud has allowed exchanges, prime brokers, trading firms, market data vendors and technology providers to overcome the significant challenge of hosting and distributing multicast unprocessed market data. Traditional solutions have involved converting multicast data to unicast via middleware or software layers, which is time-consuming and costly, or deploying expensive equipment and physical infrastructure, putting up cumbersome barriers to entry, particularly for more distant overseas investors.

With the addition of SGX Group’s derivatives data, Colt is helping buy-side and sell-side firms trading the Singapore market limit their exposure to hardware procurement risks and reduce costs significantly, improving time-to-market from months to weeks while keeping them close to co-location. More latency-dependent customers, such as HFT firms, are also able to quickly access real-time multicast raw market data for back testing and developing algos while building up their colocation sites.

By fully managing all connectivity from SGX’s co-location site, transporting data to and from the closest onramp to the AWS cloud via PrizmNet – Colt’s dedicated financial extranet – Market Data in the Cloud eliminates the need for middleware or any data conversion, ensuring seamless integration. Colt’s full cloud offering is also supported by its Market Data Monitoring Service (MMS), which provides customers with critical visibility, traceability, and alerting in the event of packet loss.

Mr. Russell Toop, Team Leader, Capital Markets Solutions Asia Sales of Colt Technology Services said, “We are delighted to showcase at a higher level how Colt Market Data in the Cloud is a game-changer for Capital Markets. By facilitating the movement of multicast market data from SGX Group to the AWS cloud, we are opening up the availability of Singapore’s Derivatives data to traders around the world. We remain fully committed to bringing further transformation and innovation to Capital Markets.”

“Our Multicast Data Service is being broadly accepted by capital market customers in Asia, thanks to the great support of exchanges such as SGX Group. Our successful POC with SGX shows how we can guarantee best-of-breed services for our customers,” said Yasutaka Mizutani, President, APAC of Colt Technology Services.



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