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This global sporting goods retailer wanted to move infrastructure and services to the cloud to simplify ongoing expansion, enable development of richer customer experiences with faster deployment of new services, ensure eCommerce performance at scale, and cut the cost and burden of managing its own data centres.

The company takes care to stay ahead of the curve in a dynamic retail landscape. Under a wide-ranging transformation programme, it has shifted apps and services to the cloud to:

  • Reduce management cost and overhead
  • Increase its ability to develop unique and memorable digital experiences for customers shopping in store, online, or via mobile apps

With mission-critical apps and business services hosted in multiple public clouds, our customer needed to ensure high-performance network connectivity for its stores, offices and other locations around the world. The company wanted to work with a prime supplier that could:

  • Deliver a holistic solution with consistent levels of service, quality, security and resilience, with best-in-class after-sales support
  • Provide flexible bandwidth that scales up and down in line with workload and consumption patterns
  • Ensure low-latency connectivity across multi-cloud environments in AWS and Google Cloud
  • Use software-defined network (SDN) infrastructure for fast, frictionless ordering and provisioning of new connectivity

Working with its partners, Colt developed a compelling proposition for a powerful, flexible global connectivity solution that guarantees end-to-end performance, security, monitoring and visibility; and delivers outstanding levels of service and support.

In partnership with Equinix, Interxion Digital Realty Company, AWS and Google Cloud, Colt provides this customer with a global platform for digital services. Regional hubs in Europe, Asia and the US, connected by a high-bandwidth backbone, provide the company with connectivity to multiple public clouds and SaaS services, and carry all of its external communications traffic.

Working with its partners Equinix, Interxion Digital Realty Company, AWS and Google Cloud, Colt proposed a global platform for digital services that enables the client to:

  • Interconnect with partners, suppliers and cloud service providers
  • Access business apps and services
  • Bring new sites onto the network quickly and efficiently, with network connectivity that can be provisioned within minutes – instead of weeks or months
  • Provide PCI DSS certified solution to enhance data security for payment cards

The solution delivers high levels of performance and quality, enabling reliable connectivity to clouds and services from Decathlon locations worldwide. This retail company now has the agility and scalability it needs to support future developments, such as:

  • Accelerated adoption of additional cloud and SaaS services
  • Creation of new digital consumer experiences

This global retail company has a flexible, scalable platform to support cloud migration, increase focus on digital retail experiences, and continue business expansion. Colt’s on-demand services gives them a single pane of glass for ordering and deploying network connectivity. Also, with less reliance on in-house IT infrastructure, our customer has successfully cut costs and complexity.

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