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GMO selects Colt to the backbone of the World’s #1 FX trading platform

The context and content of this video are about KVH Co., Ltd. prior to joining Colt Group S.A.

GMO CLICK Securities, Inc.

GMO CLICK was established in 2005 and has since risen to the top, outpacing its competitors by facilitating the highest volume of FX trading in both 2012 and 2013, an achievement buoyed by having the lowest trading fees in the industry and aggressive growth planning. As a leading broker, the company boasts 33,000 FX trading accounts and 200,000 securities trading accounts. FX trading systems designed, implemented, and managed internally are a testament to GMO CLICK’s technical expertise. Furthermore, their proprietary trading tools have won praise for ease-of-use and swift scalability.

The Challenge

GMO CLICK was faced with sharply increasing demand, both externally from customers, and internally with respect to network environments for service development, testing, and corporate internet access. They needed a flexible infrastructure solution that would solve their immediate needs and provide a foundation for future growth.

Why Colt

To meet GMO CLICK’s expanding business needs, Colt submitted a proposal backed by years of experience in designing solutions for the financial services industry. Colt provided consultation and a plan that could be implemented with short lead times. It was a one-stop infrastructure solution that was also trouble-free and cost-efficient. Impressed with the results, GMO CLICK called upon Colt again to implement their 1Gbps network when the time came to enter the Hong Kong FX trading market and continue their reign as the largest FX broker in the world.

Forward Thinking

GMO CLICK aims to be #1 for the third straight year and strengthen its global business by expanding into more markets internationally. In doing so, they will continue to rely on Colt’s highly reliable, high-quality leased line services. They also plan to offer colocation services and diversify their service portfolio with stock trading.

Colt’s IT solutions took our needs into account and allowed us to expand our infrastructure quickly and flexibly. We are very pleased with their prompt response and competitive pricing, as well as the stability and quality of their services. Colt is a key IT partner and integral part of our future global strategy.Takeshi Murai, Director, System Operations, GMO CLICK Securities, Inc.


GMO CLICK utilizes Colt Internet Access for its corporate network and FX trading platform in Japan and Hong Kong, as well as for service development and testing. Redundancy is achieved through the use of SmartGiga® (Gold Class) and Colt Ether-MAN Plus®, Ethernet leased line services that provide the stability and mission-critical reliability that Colt has built its reputation on.

Colt IP Access →
Colt IP Access is an internet service for enterprise customers that need fast and high-quality data connectivity. We offer both shared-bandwidth and private leased line services to support our clients’ various business needs such as webbased content distribution, cloud-based applications, VoIP, or online backups. We also offer a variety of security options for all of needs including reporting, managed IDS/IPS, managed firewall, managed router, and anti-DDOS services.

Colt Ethernet Line / Hub & Spoke Colt →
Ethernet Line (point-to-point) / Hub & Spoke (point-to-multipoint) are low-latency, reliable, and bandwidthguaranteed Ethernet lines. With traffic between data centres increasing year over year, these circuits offer uncompromising performance while reducing cost of access and use. Choose between guaranteed bandwidth (CIR*1=PIR*2), or partial guaranteed bandwidth with burstability (CIR < PIR).
*1 CIR: Comitted Information Rate
*2 PIR: Peak Information Rate

Colt Wave Colt Wave →
Colt Wave is a lease line service that supports high bandwidth and a large variety of service protocols. Connect your access points with our reliable fiber network and a WDM*1 receiver.
(*1 WDM: Wavelength-Division Multiplexing)

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