The fastest business connection in central Berlin

With its high-performance fibre optic connection from Colt, the Classik Business Space is ideally equipped for high performance.

Remote working is essential for more and more employees, whether on business trips, in smaller office spaces or to provide a healthy working environment. In addition data streams in offices are constantly increasing due to video conferencing or the use of cloud infrastructure and AI. This requires modern office spaces that can withstand everyday working life. In central Berlin, tenants in the Classik Business Space benefit from first-class “fibre-to-the-desk architecture”.

Classik Business Space is an offer provided by Classik Hotel Collection, a privately managed group with five boutique hotels, two of which are in Berlin. In 2021, the group set up the Classik Business Space at the location of the Berlin hotel in Rosenstrasse so that customers can combine business trips and office work in a meaningful way, flexibly renting space for this purpose. With over 3,500 square metres of office space spread over eight floors and 72 rooms as well as over 100 square metres of event space, the potential use cases are huge. The flexible office space model allows workspaces to be configured individually and according to the needs of employees.

Due to the popularity of the business space, the need for higher bandwidth quickly became apparent. To avoid the 1 Gbit/s internet connection reaching its capacity limits and tenants having to switch to a classic LAN cable, the management of the Classik Business Space decided to build an infrastructure that would not only meet current requirements, but also those of the coming decades. Upgrading to enormous bandwidths creates long-term planning security for customers and expands the digital horizon immensely, depending on the business model. Colt and its partner Savecall already had a long-standing customer relationship with the Classik Hotel Alexander Plaza in the area of SIP trunking for telephony. In addition, Colt was able to provide a 100 Gbit/s interface at the site.

At the end of 2022, the IT team at Classik Hotel Collection began to develop the connection strategy. Following the conclusion of the contract with Colt, work began in summer 2023. A total of 87 kilometres of fibre optic cable were laid throughout the office building using point-to-point cabling with central distribution. Internet access of 10 Gbit/s has therefore been standard at every workstation since September 2023. Thanks to the Colt connection with a capacity of 100 Gbit/s, expansion to even higher performance is also possible in the shortest possible time. Compared to its competitors, Colt creates decisive added value at an attractive price. The Classik Business Space team is available to advise tenants on the choice of speed and connectivity in the first step. For particularly high security requirements, the Business Space even offers customers a network with a dedicated internet line that is physically independent of other tenants if required.

The result of the connection is a particularly powerful, reliable network that enables self-employed people as well as companies and their employees to adapt to current and future workplace requirements.

“With Colt’s top connection, we have made a strategically future-proof decision. The 100 Gbit/s capacity exceeds the standard in Berlin and access to the fastest internet is publicly available in our co-working space. This gives us an important competitive advantage because we can also attract a clientele with particularly high requirements for our Classik Business Space,” says Paul Dreykluft, Managing Director of Classik Hotel Collection.


Classik Business Space of the Classik Hotel Collection GmbH


Co-working and hotel services


Connection of the Classik Business Space in Berlin to a high-performance fibre optic network


Colt Dedicated Internet Access, fibre optics throughout the office

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