Towa turned to Colt’s global network

Following the acquisition of Towa Pharmaceutical, a leading pharmaceutical company based in Japan, and in line with its internationalisation strategy, Towa International was established as an international holding company. To equip itself for this transformation, Towa had to evolve from legacy network services to implement a modern communications infrastructure in record time. Colt enabled the…

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Global manufacturing company trusts Colt for critical connectivity between the Middle East and Europe

A Colt junction box with many cables

Global manufacturing company trusts Colt for critical connectivity between the Middle East and Europe. Colt providea a point-to-point Ethernet connection to carry core data traffic between the company’s Dubai operations and a critical European data centre. Colt Ethernet Line is a managed layer 2 service that provides secure, cost effective, high-speed connectivity for data exchange, with guaranteed bandwidth and performance.

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What is Network as a Service?

Photo of a junction box with many Ethernet cables plugged into it

Home Networking | 15 min read What is Network as a Service? Network as a Service is a cloud-based service model that allows organisations to outsource their networking infrastructure. Instead of building and maintaining their own network components, businesses can rent network services from cloud providers. 15 min read Explore our award-winning On Demand solution…

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Colt connectivity services support TF1, France’s leading free-to-air broadcaster

The solution An IP VPN Multi-Cloud solution connecting TF1 to its chosen public clouds, high-speed Ethernet Lines for connections to partner and satellite sites, and Dark Fibre connections to the company’s DR site. Business drivers – why Colt connectivity? TF1 needed a robust and scalable networking infrastructure that enables access to multiple public clouds, interconnects…

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What is a local breakout?

This man is assessing a junction box, with many cables

Home Networking | 15 min read What is a local internet breakout? How to better optimise your critical bandwidth and maintain performance of latency sensitive applications while still protecting sensitive traffic over a distributed network. 15 min read Explore our award-winning SD-WAN solution On this page: What are local breakouts? Key advantages Key security considerations…

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The fastest business connection in central Berlin

Remote working is essential for more and more employees, whether on business trips, in smaller office spaces or to provide a healthy working environment. In addition data streams in offices are constantly increasing due to video conferencing or the use of cloud infrastructure and AI. This requires modern office spaces that can withstand everyday working…

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Accessibility is the best medicine

Hippocrates, regarded as the father of medicine, knew that effective medical care was based on comprehensive knowledge and sound training. Nowadays, digitalisation has greatly increased the possibilities of creating modern, interactive learning formats for prospective doctors in line with the latest research. Thieme Group is committed to enabling accessible medicine and healthier lifestyles. The digital…

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What Are Leased Lines? A Buyer’s Guide

What are leased lines? A leased line is a dedicated connection that provides a private, fixed-bandwidth data link exclusively for your business’s use. Unlike shared services such as standard broadband, a leased line does not have traffic contending for bandwidth, ensuring consistent high speeds and reliability. Leased lines are typically used by businesses for web-based…

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Customer Success Story – Byblos Bank Europe

Home Networking Colt SD-WAN provides stable, resilient connectivity at BBE’s sites Back to all case studies Download this case study Business drivers  BBE wanted reliable, high-performance connectivity, integrated with a cloud-based security solution that would support its SaaS and cloud-first strategy and its move to Zero Trust. The solution Colt SD-WAN provides stable, resilient connectivity…

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