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Welkin & Meraki

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Welkin & Meraki

By Colt Technology Services / October 11, 2019

Walk through the door of any Welkin & Meraki serviced office building and it feels like you’ve stepped inside a five-star hotel. A welcoming, beautifully designed interior. Delicious coffee and…

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Hitachi, Ltd.

By Colt Technology Services / September 16, 2019

Hitachi, Ltd., founded in 1910, implements Colt IP Access and Colt IP Guardian to create a secure and stable Internet environment.

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By Colt Technology Services / May 9, 2019

The start-up DefinedCrowd has a platform that allows data scientists to collect, structure and enrich high-quality data to train artificial intelligence algorithms. The quality of the data handled and the…

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By Colt Technology Services / March 8, 2019

The solution developed by Colt involved implementing the IP Access service, enabling Forbes to make content available over the Internet.

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Objectway chooses Colt to stay ahead of the curve

By Colt Technology Services / November 21, 2018

Objectway selected Colt as a partner in his renovation process and to ensure a stable international network.

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IP Access

By Colt Technology Services / November 9, 2018

Premium business internet access, up to 100Gbps across the globe. For modern businesses of all sizes, Internet access is a vital function to support a range of business critical web-based…

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By Colt Technology Services / August 14, 2018

Salesland banks on Colt for its switch to VoIP. Salesland focuses on supporting businesses that want to outsource their sales services…

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Supporting Dentaid’s digital transformation

By Colt Technology Services / March 23, 2018

Colt is supporting Dentaid’s digital transformation and internationalisation process through its communications services

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Chiyoda Corporation

By Colt Technology Services / February 15, 2018

Chiyoda Corporation specializes in constructing facilities for utilities, biochemistry, environmental technology, and other industries in more than …

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ADSL to IP: AMR International case study

By Colt Technology Services / November 16, 2016

AMR employees need quick access to applications, documents and files, regardless of their location. Colt IP Access provided a high bandwidth solution.

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EDICOM case study

By Colt Technology Services / September 5, 2016

Colt supplies technology that keeps EDICOM’s customer promise of providing secure and highly available services 24/7.

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Colt Singapore introduces business grade internet

By Colt Technology Services / September 1, 2016

Colt IP Access addresses the growing demand from multi-national corporations (MNCs) in Singapore for reliable and competitive business grade internet

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