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Hitachi implements Colt IP Access and Colt IP Guardian

Hitachi’s public systems division has offered IT support for public agencies for over 50 years.

Hitachi, Ltd. implements Colt IP Access and Colt IP Guardian to create a secure and stable Internet environment.

Since founded in 1910, Hitachi, Ltd. has worked to address the ever-changing social challenges under its corporate philosophy of contributing to society by developing Hitachi’s own unique technologies and products. More than a century has passed since its founding and Hitachi Group has evolved into an enterprise with about 10 trillion yen of revenue and 300 thousand employees.

Hitachi operates a broad spectrum of businesses and globally offers digital solutions including value-added social infrastructures fully leveraging digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics as well as control and operation technologies and products.

Colt offers a high-quality network and security measures as a one-stop solution, which helps us build a stable IT infrastructure, which is expected to be in perfect condition at all times. Colt is a trusted network partner that is always there for us when we have technical questions or we need advice.Hiroyasu Mori, Senior Director Public Platform Solution Operation, Hitachi, Ltd.

Why Colt

For more than 50 years, Hitachi’s public systems division has offered IT support for public agencies, local governments, research and educational institutions. In providing public agencies and research organisations with IT infrastructures such as Internet connections for viewing websites, mail, and DNS services, Hitachi needed to build a network environment that allows stable business operations while also ensuring security to prevent any unexpected disruption and latency issues due to cyberattacks.

To fulfill the demanding requirements of central government agencies, Hitachi has adopted Colt IP Access as a main ISP line and Colt IP Guardian to further strengthen security. Implementing the two services together has eliminated the need for additional dedicated hardware and software. As they can be used as a “network with security features,” they are expected to deliver strong cost efficiency, which is why Hitachi has chosen Colt’s solution. Among multiple providers that Hitachi considered, Colt was the best partner that can simultaneously address the two challenges of strengthening security and optimising cost efficiency, said Ms. Sakaguchi.

Colt is capable of offering end-to-end support because it has its own network.
“Another great aspect is that if there is ever an issue, Colt quickly shares detailed information without delay. It is also reassuring that Colt suggests an optimal solution or even develops a new solution flexibly for each project,” emphasised Ms. Katsumata.
“Instead of delivering a single network, Colt offers full data centre functions that handle service operations and equipment management together. We are happy that we could significantly improve operational efficiency,” Mr. Mori added.

Future plans

Advancement of technologies such as IoT and AI has dramatically changed businesses and our lives. Hitachi intends to further expand business, striving to contribute to driving value under the United Nation’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) through Hitachi’s social innovation business. “The amount of data is expected to grow exponentially as technologies evolve. To transmit a large amount of data quickly and stably, it is increasingly important to strengthen networks and IT infrastructures. We believe that Colt’s secure and high- quality network will continue helping us deliver services,” said Ms. Katsumata.

Hitachi expects that cloud-by- default will be accelerated as a part of digital transformation. “Central administrative organisations are now more open to cloud computing. More customers are considering on-premises to cloud migration. We are considering employing Colt’s cloud connectivity solutions to enable flexible use of cloud infrastructures,” said Mr. Ijiro. Hitachi’s public systems division will further strengthen global business deployment by leveraging its knowhow developed through provisioning services to the public- sector customers in Japan.

Among organisations that have international locations, there is a growing need for SD WAN services to access databases at locations in Japan. “We see demand for a network that fully covers end points to ensure governance across security policies that vary by location. In further enriching our service, we are looking forward to working with Colt to co-create new solutions,” said Mr. Mori.


Hitachi, Ltd.




To deliver a secure and high-quality network, understanding of networks and global markets. Transparent disclosure of information and high-quality support which is cost efficient.


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