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Chances are that you’re reading this blog post while you’re not in the office. Hybrid working is here to stay. Last month, technology analysts CCS Insights published a report revealing employees’ experiences and attitudes to remote working, the future of the hybrid workspace, and the impact these changes will have on unprepared businesses. What’s worrying is that some businesses still haven’t got their networks ready. 

The Employee Workplace Technology Survey 2022 explains how 90% of those surveyed want choice in deciding where – and how – they work post-pandemic, and that many businesses are still unable to offer their workforce the flexibility they crave. The research exposes uncertainty around returning to the office, describing how 37% of employees are worried that a slow, unreliable connection would make their working life unbearable – especially after becoming used to a trustworthy network at home.  

Though not entirely attributable to Covid-19, “the Great Resignation” – a phenomenon highlighting how thousands of frustrated workers resigned from their jobs at the start of the pandemic – suggests that employee satisfaction is something every business now needs to consider carefully. If workers are dissatisfied with the digital conditions of their workspace and their experience of it, they’ll quit. 

Our research found that, with a 60% office occupancy, businesses could see a 50%+ increase in bandwidth requirements through increased video demand. Assuming fewer people will equal reduced network pressure is far from the reality as most meetings will now have a virtual element. 

Colt is an industry leader in providing scalable connectivity to businesses, and with us, you’re in charge of your connection. If your employees decide to come back to the office on a more regular basis, you have the flexibility to adjust your bandwidth accordingly. Or if the office quietens down you can dial it back, never paying more than what’s needed. By carefully managing your network, you can improve staff retention, experience, and satisfaction in one fell swoop: the wishes of a connected post-pandemic workforce. 

Take a look at our own research into hybrid working where you’ll be able to use our intuitive bandwidth calculator,  read our eBook, and learn the network know-how when connecting your workforce. 

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