Japanese Internet Service Provider, Air Internet Service (AIRnet) selects ‘Colt On Demand’, a self-ordering network service

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Colt Technology Service Co., Ltd. (Representative: Masato Hoshino, President and Representative Director, Location; Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter Colt), a digital infrastructure company providing high-bandwidth, high-speed network solutions through its fiber-optic network in urban areas of Europe and Asia, today announced that Air Internet Service Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Takashi Yoshimura; Location: Kita-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter “AIRnet”), an Internet-related service provider in Japan since 1996, has adopted Colt’s self-ordering network service, ‘Colt On Demand’, to provide its services more cost effectively, quickly, and agilely, and started the setting and operation of dedicated lines by itself.

The company has already been operating a total of five lines at the Colt’s Data Center in Tokyo, Osaka Data Center, and Cloud Connection since April of this year.

Starting with the ISP (Internet Service Provider) business launched in 1996, AIRnet has been expanding its business in the field of IT services, including server system construction and operation services using data centers, the “ALL in One Mail” cloud-based e-mail solution, and the “Reserve Keeper” reservation management system developed in-house for restaurants. It is a well-established company that has been using the Colt Tokyo Data Center as one of its own DCs since 2007.

Since 2015, the company has been using 1G of DC Net, Colt’s data center interconnection solution, for DR (Disaster Recovery) between Tokyo and Osaka. However, the cost of operation was considered a problem because the capacity was less than 100M during normal operation.

In addition, it was essential to ensure a secure and high-quality communication line. Therefore, Colt proposed an on-demand service, “Colt On Demand”, including a change from the existing line as an improvement plan.

Tadayuki Miyamura, the sales representative in charge of the project, stated, “AIRnet is a skilled and experienced ISP, so we had no particular concerns about the transition to an on-demand service, but we explained the time-based fee structure, which is different from the existing service.

The initial portal setup was done with the support of our engineers. After that, AIRnet ordered the additional portals on their own, and the line was opened without any problems.”

After consideration, AIRnet concluded a flexible model of ‘Colt On Demand’, using 5 lines between April and June of this year, and the company has been able to reduce its operational costs by 60%.

Mr. Masahiro Tanaka, Director of AIRnet (Air Internet Service Co., Ltd.) says as follows, regarding the introduction of Colt On Demand:

”We had been using Colt’s Ethernet service for some time. When we implemented Colt On Demand, we were told that it uses the same platform as Colt Ethernet, so we had no concerns about the quality of the service.  In addition, we are now able to add lines as soon as the installation of the base is completed, so we can easily try out integration with the public cloud.

Recently, we have been receiving an increasing number of requests from our customers, such as “We would like to test the data integration of SaaS services provided by AWS and other cloud services while using AIRnet’s managed services,” or “We would like to back up important data in Japan by utilizing AWS and other public cloud services, and in addition, we would like to store that important data offline as well.” We are glad that Colt On Demand can now provide flexible cloud connectivity services on an hourly basis.

Setting up the Colt On demand portal requires a certain degree of proficiency, but there is no other example of this on-demand service in this price range, and we appreciated the ability to deploy it from a small start.”

Furthermore, Masato Hoshino, President of Colt Technology Services, commented on AIRnet’s implementation of Colt On Demand as follows;

“Our ‘Colt on Demand’ portal allows customers to place their own network orders, allowing them to order new network services or increase or decrease bandwidth speeds.  In addition to the existing fixed contract, flexible contract terms can be selected, allowing flexible use without led to a contract period.

It is great to see a company like AIRnet using fixed and flex to match the type of business use required.  We believe this type of flexibility to scalability can support their businesses to grow further in the future.”

AIRnet is planning to expand its DCA (Direct Cloud Connect) connection to Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, in leveraging the benefits gained from its connection to AWS. The company is also considering to further utilize ‘Colt On Demand’ for its own cloud and hosting services.


About Air Internet Service Co., Ltd.  (AIRnet)

Air Internet Service Co., Ltd. (AIRnet in Japanese) is an IT services company that provides ISP (Internet Service Provider) business launched in 1996, and managed hosting business that builds dedicated server systems for customers in a data center environment and provides 24-hour monitoring and fault handling support.

Based on our experience in operating large-scale Web systems cultivated since the dawn of the Internet in Japan, we have a great deal of operational experience in building private clouds on virtual environments and hybrid clouds that work in conjunction with other cloud services.

In recent years, we have also developed our own application-specific solutions in-house, such as “ALL in One Mail,” a one-stop corporate email service that handles everything from email server operation to security measures, and “Reserve Keeper,” a cloud-based reservation management service for restaurants.

For more information, visit www.airnet.jp.

*AIRnet is doing business only in the Japanese market.


About Colt Technology Services:

Colt Technology Services (Colt) is a global digital infrastructure company which creates extraordinary connections to help businesses succeed. Powered by amazing people and like-minded partners, Colt is driven by its purpose: to put the power of the digital universe in the hands of its customers, wherever, whenever and however they choose.

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Obsessed with delivering industry-leading customer experience, Colt is guided by its dedication to customer innovation, by its values and its responsibility to its customers, partners, people and planet.

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