Preparing for the modern workplace: Insights from experts

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Olivia McDonald, Cloud Voice Product Operations Lead at Colt, hosted a webinar discussing the modern workplace and the role of cloud voice in shaping the future of work. Olivia was joined by Oliver Lifely, Partner Account Manager at Luware; Andy Macdonald, UK & Ireland Country Manager at Audiocodes; and from Colt, Tim Cook, Director Sales…

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Cloud strategies must support ESG ambitions

Migration can reduce your carbon footprint if backed by a supportive partner Following Colt’s annual cloud report for 2022, we wanted to analyse the environmental dimension of people’s cloud plans. Organisations seem largely to have embraced the cloud as a key support for their environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) strategy and now need the…

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Cloud migration and the legacy of COVID

Don’t get stuck in the slow lane as adopters race ahead As a follow-up to our Cloud Research Report 2022, we wanted to explore some of its nuances and implications in more detail. In this blog, we consider the impact of the recent pandemic on cloud migration and ask if there is a resulting split…

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How AI can increase customer engagement

How often have you felt new customers were better treated than you? Or how many times have you threatened to leave a company delivering a poor service, only to be contacted by customer care promising to fix the issue and offering better prices? These examples illustrate how much energy companies put into new customer and…

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How a cloud contact centre enables your business to aim higher

While this man works, his notebook sits beside him

Contact centres play a critical role in an organisations customer engagement strategy. Despite the rapid change in agents physical location over the past year, the cloud has enabled contact centres to continue to meet customers evolving needs. It is reported that 70% of businesses have their entire contact centre technology in the cloud or are planning to…

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