SD WAN: After the hype, how to implement it in your business

About this webinar

Having started our SD WAN approach in 2015, our awards in innovation already showcase our thinking in this area, and we believe we have something of interest to you.

SD WAN remains a hot topic in the marketplace, the industry is recognising it as an established approach, but businesses are asking, how do I implement it into my business dynamically, and who should I partner with?

Join Colt, and one of our technology partners, Versa, in the second in our series of webinars on SD WAN, where we talk you through the Colt proposition, the enhancements we are making, and how we can best support you in your decisions.

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Meet our speakers


Matthew Partridge - Technical Client Partner - Colt

Matthew Partridge is a Technical Client Partner based in London, UK. His role defines and drives technical network and communication strategies for digital transformation requirements across all technology aspects.


Sultan Shaikh - Product Manager SD WAN - Colt

Sultan Shaikh is a Product Manager based in London, UK. He is responsible for Colt’s global IP based SDN product portfolio including SD WAN, cloud connectivity and enterprise mobility.

Hector Avalos

Hector Avalos - VP Sales and Business Development - Versa Networks

Hector Avalos has over 29 years of experience in the computing, networking and telecommunications industries. Hector joined Versa Networks 6 years ago and currently is focused on the “Software-Defined Branch".