Those in need from the LGBTQ+ community can access support from Stonewall Housing & Colt

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Helping people access the critical services they need, when they need them, means a lot to us at Colt. We are building extraordinary connections with charities like Stonewall Housing to play our part in changing the world and making it a safer and more equitable place for everyone.

We’re providing a freephone number to Stonewall Housing so they can continue to support and provide free advice for LGBTQ+ people experiencing homelessness or living in unsafe environments.

What is Stonewall Housing?

Stonewall Housing is the leading national charity supporting LGBTQ+ people of all ages who live in the UK and are experiencing homelessness or living in an unsafe environment.

Founded in 1983, the organisation supports over 2,000 LGBTQ+ people each year by providing safe, emergency housing as well as offering advice, mental health advocacy for people fleeing domestic abuse, forced marriage and honour-based violence.

How will this help?

We’re providing a free phone number and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system free of charge, so anyone using this service won’t have to pay to call. With the current state of the economic climate, we know supporting people in this way can help.

Rachel Collins, head of Inclusion and Diversity here at Colt, has this to say about the initiative.

“Stonewall Housing makes a real difference to people’s lives, at times when they feel they’re most vulnerable. Sharing the message that Stonewall is a national organisation and can support and connect the LGTBTQ+ across the country is incredibly important. At Colt, we’re honoured to play just a small part in helping this incredible organisation reach the people that need them most.”

To find out more about Stonewall Housing, visit

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