What is UCaaS?

In this guide, we'll break down the implementations for UCaaS and CCaaS, their strengths, weaknesses and how you can integrate this critical functionality into your organisation.

UCaaS vs CCaaS

UCaaS and CCaas have many similarities which can cause confusion, but each of them are here to serve different purposes. UCaas focuses on delivering streamlined internal collaboration whereas CCaaS or Contact Centre as a Service has the purpose of offering a state of the art customer experience.

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What is UCaaS?

UCaaS is - Colleagues collaborating with each other, partners, suppliers and direct customers in all media forms.

UCaaS combines the 1-to-1 calling with many to many conferencing in voice or video from the same platform

Instant messaging is collapsed into the same toolset which has now been framed inside a “work based teams” platform where colleagues share information as conversation

Add scheduling into the mix and meeting spaces can be ad hoc as well as planned in the same spaces where “persistence” transforms the point in time creative information into an ever increasing knowledge base

Federation creates the bridge between organisations enabling the same secure collaborations to exists between companies and because it’s all web based, people can join these spaces from any device and location so long as it’s connected to the internet


How to get the most from a Unified Communications (UC) solution

Read our detailed guide into the applications, features and associated technologies for an integrated Unified Communications solution, especially critical with the rise in Hybrid and flexible working

What is CCaaS?

CCaaS is – agents communicating with customers through an omni-channel cloud based contact centre in the medium the customer feels most comfortable with.

Provide a superior customer experience

Deploy intelligent contact centre capabilities to improve qualification of inbound calls and reduce waiting times. Allow your customers to use their preferred contact channels such as email, chat sessions, social networks or new calling options.

Provide cloud-based flexibility

A cloud based solution which will support a hybrid or remote working policy.

Optimise your resources

Queue calls on the network to free up local resources and allocate dynamically to different locations or agents, based on best match with skills and AI-powered behavioural profiles. Automate routing interactions with self-service and integrate your services to strengthen collaboration across teams.

Reach customers with an omni-channel solution

Enable customers to contact you through 30 digital channels (including messaging, social media, chat bots, traditional voice, email etc.) whilst giving the best personalised experience.

Take total control with easy-to-use, self-service tools

Access real-time statistics, monitor call quality and make changes to omni-channel routing instantly. Keep your contact centre running at times of crisis by re-routing calls instantaneously with a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface.

Leverage end-to-end AI

Providing the full contact centre eco-system, with end-to-end AI. Including AI-powered insights to delight customers and engage your employees with relevant feedback


Contact centres have moved to the cloud

Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) is the creative industry of tools used to shape the way organisations interact with customers. CCaaS is all about customer experience, as should be the tendency for any modern business. Deep dive into our CCaaS solutions with the help of our experienced product managers.

What do UCaaS and CCaaS have in common?

UCaaS and CCaaS share many similarities in the advantages they offer to their users including:

Cost savings through subscription-based pricing

Cost savings through subscription-based pricing

Cost savings through subscription-based pricing

Both cloud based services enabling quicker installation

Both cloud based services enabling quicker installation

Both cloud based services enabling quicker installation

Integrating UCaaS and CCaaS

Combining the functionalities of UCaaS and CCaaS equips agents with all of the tools they need to offer a world class service using phone, email, chat or social media offered by a multichannel platform. They will also be able to collaborate with subject matter experts internally in real time enabling quicker call resolution.

With businesses moving to a hybrid working environment, these solutions enable a work from anywhere culture, improving employee and customer satisfaction.

Cloud based solutions like this offer major cost savings on management, maintenance and reducing the need for any on-site equipment.

Multimedia Contact Centre (Not ingegrated): Email, Chat etc. Omni-channel Contact Centre (Integrated): Voice, Video, Email, Webchat, SMS, Social Media
Basic call centre reporting Workforce engagement management (WEM)
Historical reporting Extensive reporting with customer journey analytics
Agent statistics, average talk time Analytics on every customer & employee interaction
Basic call recording - No Screen Capture Speech analytics, transcription, AI
Integration to Salesforce, Microsoft Teams etc. Call Recording with Screen Capture
Integration to Salesforce, Microsoft Teams etc.
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