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The Future Workplace: Your migration to Intelligent Communications with Colt

How valuable is your time? If you could get back an hour in your diary every day, you would. But what if you could improve your productivity so much that over the course of a week, you could get a day back through greater operational efficiencies. And imagine how that effects your entire workforce. I’m sure you’re asking “How is this possible?”

Wherever you are in your digital transformation, whether:

  • still considering SIP
  • managing various SIP providers
  • with unified communications in place but not greatly adopted
  • you aren’t getting the most of your Microsoft licence, including Teams.

By moving to Colt Intelligent Communications, you can enable greater workplace efficiencies through improved collaboration across your business.

Watch our webinar to learn how the modern workplace is changing, and how Colt can enable your digital transformation strategy towards Intelligent Communications.

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David Barker, Sales Specialist

David Barker is a Sales Specialist based in London, UK.  He is an experienced professional with knowledge of sales and customer service best practices in digital transformation.

David Barker

Rui Ferraz, UC Cloud Product Manager

Rui Ferraz is a Global Product Manager specialising in UC, based in London, UK. His main focus is helping customers achieve better results with Colt's solution.

Rui Ferraz