Environment, Social & Governance

Our central role as a digital infrastructure and data centre services provider gives us a platform to contribute to a more sustainable society through innovation and the promotion of technological solutions.

ESG is at the heart of everything we do, the solutions we offer and the pioneering innovations we create.

Our Environmental, Social, Governance strategy comprises four pillars, with the concept of ESG by Design running throughout and digital trust, responsibility and governance wrapping around everything we do.

Environmental Sustainability
Picture displaying Colt's main strategy pillars: Sustainable Growth, Sustainable Suppliers, Great Place to Work, Digital Trust & Social Impact

Lumen EMEA acquisition

We've finalised the acquisition and are in the process of integrating teams and their data. While we work towards reporting on all aspects together, please be aware that our targets and details won't include Lumen assets initially. We're committed to transparency throughout this process and will keep you informed as we make progress.

Colt Sustainability Report 2023

“Colt is a company that cares deeply, which is why we focus on sustainability by design. 'We can change the world' is one of our values and it informs, shapes and inspires everything we do. Nowhere is this better reflected than in our latest Sustainability Report. The passion and tremendous energy we have as a business to do better for our planet, our people and our customers can be seen on every page, in every metric and in every stride towards our goal to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. I'm incredibly proud of the progress we're making to build a better world.”

Keri Gilder

Keri Gilder

CEO, Colt

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You can also view our full 2022 report here, a quick summary of our 2022 achievements here, or take a look at our full 2021 report here.


See how our ESG strategy affects our business

Sustainable Growth through Digital Infrastructure


Our products and services become an enabler to society and the environment

  1. A greener network through innovation such as SDN and AI
  2. Digital transformation driven efficiently through modernising our infrastructure
  3. Empowering a more sustainable society through digital services and remote workforce

We're tracking progress by:

Setting minimum ESG requirements for partnerships

Enabling customers to use our emissions data for reporting

Embedding ESG into product sheets

Become the Sustainable Supplier of Choice


Our ESG activities support our customers and become the differentiator for Colt

  1. Near- and long-term Science-based Targets
  2. A robust approach to Scope 3 reduction
  3. Zero waste to landfill & Circularity plan
  4. Signing up suppliers to Code of Conduct and ESG goals

We're tracking progress by:

Reduction in scope 1, 2 & 3 carbon emissions

Increase in waste diverted from landfill

Smarter purchasing options

Community Trust & Social Impact


Our purpose, vision and values are used for the good of the communities in which we operate

  1. Enagement with charities and community initiatives
  2. A social impact strategy that connects digital infrastructure to community wellbeing
  3. Understanding the impact we’re having

We're tracking progress by:

Tracking number of volunteering days

Charitable giving and local initiatives

Innovative, Great & Inclusive Place to Work


Our business benefits from diversity of thought and a true sense of belonging

  1. Educating the business on inclusive behaviours
  2. Focus on attraction and retention of diverse talent
  3. Optimising accessibility and reducing barriers
  4. Inclusive workplace policies
  5. Empowering our employee networks to make an impact

We're tracking progress by:

Gender targets - including specific to leadership roles

Training on key issues for everyone at Colt

Gathering data to set baselines

Digital Trust, Responsibility & Governance


We drive positive change, create trust, work ethically and report transparently backed by data

We hold ourselves to the highest standards. For example, our annual sustainability report is aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Global Reporting Index (GRI).

We're tracking progress by:

EcoVadis rating

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Binding Corporate Rules

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