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Offer more products, more rapidly, with limited investment

Colt Voice Reseller solutions are a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality, fully-featured, and regulatory-compliant Voice services. With Colt, you can grow your business by offering more products, more rapidly, with only limited investment. We are the leader in Voice, VoIP, and IN services for resellers who want to gain easy market entry in Europe.

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  • Cost effective

    Grow your business with only minimum investment. Simply brand our white label VoIP & Voice services as your own; no need to invest in your own network or local processes.

  • Business grade

    Colt only sells to business customers meaning we offer high-quality, regulatory-compliant services specifically designed for business needs.

  • Feature rich & flexible

    We offer a unique portfolio of Voice, IN & VoIP services that support hybrid end customers migrate easily from traditional voice to future-proof VoIP services.

  • Full service wrap

    Our service comes with a full service wrap with enhanced billing and helpdesk features to better manage customers so you can get on with finding more of them.

  • Fully compliant

    We take the hassle out of compliance. Colt has extensive regulatory expertise with established local processes, including porting across Europe.

  • Simple billing solutions

    Colt’s White Label VoIP & Voice resellers get access to flexible end-customer billing solutions: Twice daily unrated CDRs in Cocom, our B2B interface, and/or White Label end-customer rated CDRs, billing reports & invoices.

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Reach out to us today and we’ll give you a comprehensive breakdown of our carrier services, and how we can support your business to resell voice services.