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Innovator handles flood of IoT data with a managed Colt Private Wave solution

This engineering and electronics company develops innovative products that touch many aspects of our lives: from the buildings we live and work in, to the cars we drive and the household appliances we use every day. Today the company has a particular focus on the internet of things (IoT):

  • Designing IoT-enabled products
  • Developing sensors used by automotive and other manufacturers for IoT enablement
  • Running a cloud platform for IoT application development

So its data centres are dealing with rapidly expanding volumes of IoT data. To provide the reliable, high-performance bandwidth needed to synchronise and replicate the IoT data between two key data centres in Germany, the company implemented a pair of Colt 100Gbps Private Wave services. Within two years, the data load hit 2.5Tb (2,500Gbps), leading the company to install six more Colt Private Wave services — building in capacity to deal with ongoing growth.

Why Colt Private Wave?
Colt Private Wave is a managed, end-to-end private optical networking service based on Colt-owned metro fibre and DWDM equipment. The company selected Colt Private Wave as the best fit for its IoT data transport needs at the right price. In particular, Private Wave offers:

  • The security, performance and operational control required to meet the company’s corporate standards for application availability
  • Future capability to support further optical service types and advanced features, such as 32Gbps Fibre Channel and always-on optical encryption

A long standing Colt customer, the company had confidence in Colt’s:

  • Ability to deliver — rapid installation, stable network, and proven service and operational management
  • Account management — the customer likes the fact that the Colt account team is based in country, speaks the language, and understands the local market and culture
  • Commitment — Colt has built relationships with the customer at all levels, and has demonstrated its ability to quickly and flexibly expand the Private Wave service in line with evolving business needs
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Multinational Engineering Company


Mobility solutions, consumer goods, industrial technology, energy and building technology


To synchronise and replicate expanding IoT data volumes between data centers


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