Chee-Hau Man

Account Manager, Frankfurt

My parents immigrated from Hong Kong in the 70s for the restaurant business, so I grew up in restaurants. I would sit at a table at the back of the restaurant eating my dinner and doing my homework. As I got older, I would serve guests as well, I’d make drinks, do the dishwashing, sometimes I’d help with the food.

In the restaurant business, you can really build a relationship with customers, and you receive instant feedback on whether or not you’ve done a good job – if the guests are happy, they’ll leave a tip. I got into Sales because I wanted that same kind of customer relationship. If a client or new account is happy, they’ll let you know and they’ll order more services or extend their contract. I can apply a lot of my restaurant experience to my job at Colt.

Chee-Hau Man | Account Manager | Frankfurt