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In our increasingly virtual lives, cloud gaming has gone truly global. To power seamless play across continents, 1-2-1, and at huge events organisations, you need a network capable of driving both high performance and low latency. The Colt IQ Network connects over 900 data centres across the world’s biggest gaming hubs, providing the unparalleled connectivity needed to support your next gaming innovation.


Will your network ruin your end-users cloud gaming experience?

There are few things the gaming community dislikes more than lag. This issue has negatively impacted the experience since the dawn of online gaming, and the improvement to game mechanics, graphics, and the increasing number of online players have only added to the frustrations caused by a highly latent network.

If this is a problem for online games, where much of the processing is done at the users end device, what's going to happen when processing is performed in the cloud?


Win the war for customer loyalty with superior digital experiences

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Cloud gaming: the network's perspective

While much of the streaming from the connectivity layer to the device layer is managed by B2C service providers over the public internet, a dedicated/private connection from the content to the connectivity layer offers huge benefits to the end-user. This connection could be fully managed and offers a stable, flexible connection, with scalable bandwidths from the game publishers to your servers.

Bringing the cloud closer to you

Bringing the cloud closer to you and your end-customers is an infrastructure challenge, which comes with no small amount of investment. That being said, over the last couple of years Colt has densified our fibre network in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America extending to over 212 cities globally, which means that your end-user is never too far away from your servers. By connecting to over 200 cloud on-ramps, Colt is well placed to lower latency for your end-user, and our Cloud Services offer a flexible and scalable solution that can grow along with your business.

Connectivity solutions

Control your network in real-time

On Demand solutions connect your IT services easier and faster, leveraging SDN and NFV technologies to get all your IT services, business-critical or not, working together seamlessly and up and running in minutes.

Disconnected systems are a strategic weakness

Agility and adaptability are prerequisites for content companies who want to innovate with exciting new experiences, strategic partnerships, and fast, collaborative work methods. But in established companies, customer-facing and internal operations are held back by disconnected infrastructures. These cause a range of problems that make it hard to compete with nimble upstarts.

Four steps to becoming a more connected provider

In the battle for hearts and minds, connectivitty isn't just a weapon, it's the battleground. To compete and win, providers need to achieve transformation in four key areas:

Ultra Low Latency

Innovate with multisensory experiences


Forge innovative partnerships

Financial Extranet

Unite the global production house


Leverage technology to meet content demands

To get detailed advice on how to achieve these four key objectives from industry experts, as well as details on how to build a world-class network that can win over your customers for years to come, download our guide on how Colt can help you win the war for digital experiences.

Seamless networking at the heart of digital experiences

Your business applications are only as good as the network they run on.


On Demand services represent a genuine breakthrough for enterprises that need fully flexible connectivity solutions between data centres, cloud service providers and enterprise buildings.

Can your network do this?

Here are key questions to ask, to determine if your network is an asset in the war for customer loyalty:

Can your network allow rapid scaling of bandwidth in line with demand?

Does it support real-time collaboration amond teams, including voice?

Does it promote secure use of integrated customer data across departments?

Can the network support end-to-end encryption for the most sensitive content streams?

Are you proactively protecting against cybersecurity threats to IP and customer data?

Does it have the capacity to support the ramp-up of virtual and remote production tools?

Do you have visibility across on-premises and cloud-hosted services?

Does your network provide secure access to AI and machine learning tools in the cloud?

Is your network ready to integrate with strategic partners as new opportunities arise?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, get in touch with us today, and empower the digital future of your business.

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Colt has several On Demand solutions to connect your IT services easier and faster – even if they are in different cities or countries.

As your on demand network provider, we deliver value for many use cases, including, but not limited to: cost efficient business continuity, agile connectivity for urgent and temporary needs, bandwidth growth management, and enhancing the end-user experience in the cloud.

As a result, all your IT services, business-critical or not, can work together seamlessly and be up running in minutes.

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