Colt picks up two top trophies at the World Communication Awards

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Last night we were at the 23rd World Communication Awards (WCA), after day one of the Total Telecom Congress at London’s Business Design Centre. It was an evening to recognise and celebrate the innovation and excellence of our global industry in the last year.

It was a great event, and in a year where the WCA received more entries than in any previous year, we’re thrilled to share that we took home two of the top awards!

The first was ‘Operator of the Year’. The judges – all 70 of them – noted that you don’t have to be the biggest player to be the best, and commended Colt’s focus on customer service and dedication to inclusion and diversity.

These are two areas that have been a focus for the business. In 2021, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to going above and beyond for our customers and employees alike, hitting a record high NPS and ranking 44th in the Financial Times Diversity Leaders list – making Colt the top telco globally.

The final award of the evening was ‘CEO of the Year’ and we are over the moon that it was Keri Gilder, our own CEO, to collect the trophy!

The judges praised Keri for her authentic and exceptional leadership, and referenced her championing of inclusion and diversity, which is driving the industry to underpin its future success. As the Chair of TM Forum’s Inclusion & Diversity Council, Keri has powered the recent development of a new Inclusion and Diversity Score (IDS) that will give a benchmark for real change in our sector.

We are incredibly proud of Keri and her well deserved title of CEO of the Year. In a year of uncertainty, she’s supported Colt’s customers and partners, and empowered its employees to thrive. She’s also driven innovation and growth, and made sure Colt’s able to support enterprises as they move into the future.

Congratulations to all the shortlisted entries, to the other winners of awards, and to WCA’s organisers for throwing such a fantastic event. And thank you to the panel of judges for naming us Operator of the Year, and Keri CEO of the Year – we couldn’t be prouder!

See a full list of the winners on the WCA website here.

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