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Colt cloud connection service adopted for connecting phone service platform including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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Colt cloud connection service adopted for connecting phone service platform including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


Denphone is an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP), that offer solutions tailored to users’ needs, mainly using its own IP-PBX and Polycom products. Denphone’s solutions support a wide range of IP phones both fixedline and mobile, with full compatibility with open-source standard protocols (SIP, IA X2), helping clients reduce costs and future upgrade fees. Denphone’s end-customer, headquartered in Europe, is a global provider of mobile call recording services. When launching its services in Japan, the end-customer needed an IT infrastructure that delivers service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as it does at its global headquarters. It was looking for a comprehensive solution, including a network.

Why Colt

When selecting a network for the end-customer and its requirements, Denphone compared and reviewed solutions from multiple telecom service providers. Denphone chose Colt for its capability to quickly deliver a stable dedicated line that connects a cloud environment and PSTN. The biggest advantage of public cloud services like Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the flexibility to quickly support diverse needs such as starting small and scaling gradually. “More providers, including our end-customer, are offering phone service combined with the public cloud. Connecting the public cloud and PSTN via the Internet significantly lowers sound quality and performance. We had to find a low-latency, high-quality dedicated line,” said Hidehiko Hiwada, Director, Engineer. “The end-customer wanted to have the environment quickly so that they can launch their services in Japan as soon as possible.

Normally, it takes time to implement a dedicated line. Because we had already been using a Colt data center connected to the Colt network, the line was delivered quickly, which allowed us to build an environment quickly enough to satisfy the end customer”, said Hiwada. “We also highly commend Colt’s bilingual support. Colt provided us with answers to questions and other materials both in Japanese and English, which helped us communicate with our end-customer smoothly,” he added.

Future plans

Denphone is developing cutting-edge solutions combining conventional PBX and SMS to make “SMS with 100% reach” a reality. “Phone services leveraging public cloud services, such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, will be promoted and standardised from the standpoint of BCP and work style reform. High-quality sound is essential for phone services. I think dedicated and stable lines will be the mainstream for connecting a cloud environment and voice service,” said Huw Richard Williams, Representative Director, Denphone K.K.


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