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Leading video game company in France chooses Colt Wave (a high bandwidth optical wavelength service) to connect regional studios to their Paris data centre

Business drivers – why Private Wave?  

Gamers want high-quality video games that are ready to play on whatever platform they choose and expect them to be released on the promised dates announced. Video game companies must develop and test new games within rigid time frames. All the company teams, designers, artists, programmers, engineers, testers, must be able to work together on game development, even if they´re in different studios.

For a leading video game company in France, connecting its regional studios to its Paris data centre for collaboration and data exchange used to be a challenge. Connectivity was bought locally where needed, but slow and unreliable bandwidth sometimes put project timelines at risk and having multiple providers meant it was difficult to manage contract overhead.

Why Colt?

Changes were made when the company´s new procurement team developed a centralised bandwidth purchasing strategy for the first time. The team aims to reduce the amount of connectivity providers globally from 60 to 20, allowing the ability to build closer relationships with them. Colt is one of the selected providers and we connect four regional studios to the company´s Paris data centre using Colt Wave, a high bandwidth optical wavelength service.

The solution

Colt Private Wave at each studio:

  • two point-to-point 10Gbps Waves provide connectivity to the data centre
  • active/active configuration makes full 20 Gbps bandwidth available
  • diverse routing removes single points of failure
  • high-speed internet access enables testing on cloud gaming platforms

The result

  • on-time delivery, every time
  • SLA-backed low latency and uptime
  • secure service that helps protect IP and pre-release game content
  • collaboration and partnership working
  • master service agreement (MSA) that makes it easy to add and change bandwidth

Colt’s Wave services allow the studios to have secure, reliable and high performance bandwidth, which they need in order to exchange game sequences and other data with the Paris data centre. This also allows them to test games in the cloud, all of which helps the company stay on target to deliver its next great game on the promised launched date.

Colt Private Wave

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To connect regional studios to their Paris data centre and reduce the number of multiple contract providers, to improve collaboration, data exchange and connectivity.


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