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What is BYOC?

Also known as: Bring your own Carrier

Bring your own Carrier (or BYOC) is a concept which has begun to gain more traction during the rise of collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams. As Microsoft’s own calling plans do not suit every business, they have introduced ‘Direct Routing’ as a way for companies to integrate their existing telephony vendors into their technology ecosystem. BYOC also offers opportunities to deliver customised and bespoke services to end-users. Put simply, BYOC is bringing the best in class voice carriers to the best in class Cloud Services. So when you move your phone system to Microsoft or Zoom or your contact centre to the cloud platforms of Genesys or Twilio, you can keep your voice contracts in place or choose to adopt SIP and Freephone services from the market leaders like Colt.

BYOC is offering choice to customers about who maintains the delivery of SIP (outbound calling) and IN (Freephone) services. Many customers prefer to ensure the voice services for their contact centre or unified communications solution are delivered directly by experts such as Colt. So why shouldn’t you bring your own carrier of choice to the applications you choose?

Colt can connect to Microsoft, Zoom, Genesys, Twilio and in fact anywhere on our global footprint where you need to activate voice for your users.


Colt is working directly with major UCaaS and CCaaS platforms to provide pre-built onboarding and voice routing services through managed network interconnects known as SBC (session border controllers). These have been fully tested for interoperability with the network equipment at both ends of the service. Our integrations save time and cost for the benefit of all our customers. We also work with specialist security providers that maintain compliance in data and payment services for your contact centres. Colt can manage ‘BYOC’ interfaces for a complete range of voice applications by simply provisioning the SIP or Inbound voice services as normal and providing the interface testing as part of the onboarding. Because we work across the globe, Colt are able to connect your applications wherever you operate.

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