Why you need a good connectivity partner when investing in data centres

The data centre (DC) market is growing and partnerships are more important than ever. Consumer behaviour surrounding mobile connectivity, increases in internet traffic, cybersecurity demands and the rise in cloud applications have resulted in growth in the data centre market. With emerging technologies like 5G and edge becoming more prevalent and enterprises looking to invest in multi-cloud strategies, the need for more data centres is rising, but what value can a good connectivity partner bring when you’re looking to invest in DC’s?

They already know the market

When you’re looking to invest in a specific region, it’s good to see what connectivity providers are already established there and how much they have invested in infrastructure. Having a well-established connectivity partner means they can consult and support you on the proximity to key networks when you’re in the build process.

Here at Colt, we have a full fibre metro network in Lisbon with links out to the rest of Europe and subsea connections, plus we’re connected to all of the major DC’s in the area. We’re happy to work together with investors and operators when you’re looking to find suitable locations and we’ll consult on proximity to telco networks, as part of the build process.

They have the right partnerships

Having a connectivity partner who knows the market also means they know the right partners. They’ll know who is already established in the area. They can help in bridging the conversation between investors, third parties and cloud service providers (CSP), opening up the possibilities for investing.

Colt understands that helping customers achieve their objectives now requires an ocean of expertise from across the digital society. We deliver value to our customers and partners by investing in partnerships by design, not by chance. We’re connected to all of the major CSP’s, with over 200 connected cloud on-ramps and over 210 cloud PoP’s globally.

They’re future focused

A good connectivity provider isn’t just focused on how they can help customers and partners now, they also look at how they can help them in the future. By working with a connectivity provider who is future focused, you can be assured in knowing that whatever challenges or changes happen you have the right partner who will support you with them.

For example, we’re investing in the Iberian Peninsula to support our customers today and in the future. It’s one of the fastest-growing business ecosystems in Europe, so investing in this area provides a footprint in the region and out to the rest of Europe.

Looking to invest in DC’s in Portugal?

Colt provides world-class network and voice connectivity to businesses in Europe, Asia and the US. We have been specialists in our field for over two decades – and we’re recognised as an innovator and pioneer in Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV). We’re one of the most financially sound companies in the industry and continue to invest in our network expansion with over 29,000 connected buildings and counting. We want to go above and beyond so our customers can succeed, and our vision is to be the most customer oriented business in our industry.

We’re partnering with Savills in Portugal to help DC investors and operators. The right partnerships are key and we’re here to assist you in your investments now and in the future, because connectivity matters.

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