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ESPRIT is not only moving with the times in terms of fashion – the company also sets the standard in digital business processes, providing its employees with a uniform communication platform with the help of Colt’s Intelligent Communication Services (CIC).

Much like a tailor-made dress, ESPRIT wanted a communication solution that was designed specifically for them: a CIC system that both simplifies customer communication as well as offering modern forms of collaboration – both external and internal – with Microsoft Teams. ESPRIT was founded in 1968 by Doug Tompkins and Susie Buell in California. Inspired by the revolutionary spirit of the 1960s, the brand developed a clear philosophy – to celebrate authentic people and true community, in line with the brand promise: “Feel good, look good”. Since day one, it’s this spirit that counts. Today ESPRIT is present in 40 countries worldwide with office hubs in many countries, and its headquarters in Hong Kong. Since 1993, the brand has been listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Based on extensive market research, Colt was invited to bid as a possible provider. We accepted the invitation and added centralised SIP trunking in the requested six countries to a voice solution, tailored specifically for them. The international availability of Colt’s Intelligent Communication Services (CIC) set us apart from rival bidders, securing us the contract. These services bundle the telephony of all national companies with one contractual partner, simplifying processes such as reconciliation and invoicing while also offering economies of scale. The contact centre solution comprises 75 agents, and also includes several operator workstations. This makes it possible to transfer telephone calls transparently and quickly. The status of individual employees can be viewed via an intuitive user interface, meaning the company can cut out unnecessary waiting times – increasing customer satisfaction.

With the Colt Cloud SBC integrated Microsoft Teams solution, employees benefit from a modern hybrid work environment. Coordination between and within departments also works quickly and smoothly in the home office. The cloud-based platform enables the connection of Microsoft Teams to the public telephone network, creating a uniform telephony structure that ensures accessibility for internal and external contacts in one solution. By implementing the Colt communications solution, ESPRIT also benefits from end-to-end SLAs for all included services. In addition, Colt provides an international, multilingual helpdesk. Tickets are processed centrally and quickly, and service quality is guaranteed at all times.

Marcus Lapp, Director of IT Infrastructure Operations at ESPRIT Europe GmbH, explains,

“Colt has consistently thought through our requirements to the end and, thanks to its wide-ranging solution portfolio, has added services that offer us more than just a technically harmonised telephony infrastructure. With the contact centre solution fully integrated in Microsoft Teams, we benefit from a central communication platform across almost all of our European locations. We hope to expand to all of them in the near future.”


ESPRIT Europe GmbH


Textile and clothing industry


Replacement of the existing telephony solution with Microsoft Teams-based telephony for smooth communication between company locations.


Modern, cloud-based contact centre solution including attendant console - fully integrated with Microsoft Teams with connection via Colt SIP Trunking and Colt Cloud SBC.

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