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Are there new revenue opportunities for VARs at VMworld?

14 Oct 2013

The slogan for this year’s VMworld in Barcelona certainly made me sit up and take notice: “Defy Convention”. It is a bold call-to-action and one that immediately begs the question, “What is the ‘convention’ to which they are referring?” Taking…

Who cares how much water a data centre uses, I’ve got a low PUE

09 Oct 2013

PUE has become the de facto standard for measuring energy efficiency and by extension environmental impact of modern data centres. But it’s not flawless or entirely complete. PUE is just one small measure of the environmental impact of data centres.

Customer loyalty that scales

08 Oct 2013

When focussing on growth, flexibility and scalability are valuable attributes to have. In order to remain competitive, businesses must be able to adapt quickly to changing market conditions, and implement product or service enhancements at ever greater speeds.

Your Colt bill: get the lowdown

03 Oct 2013

Are you looking for a clear and comprehensive view of your service billing from Colt? The services and solutions you receive are important to us as well as to you, so we want to make sure you fully understand your…

Meet George

01 Oct 2013

With Colt Ceano you gain access to a suite of ICT services. Discover how easy these are to use and see how simple your remote working, communication and collaboration could be. In order to demonstrate this, we’d like to introduce…

Five key questions about service

01 Oct 2013

Service used to be something you expected in a café or shop. Now the technology industry has taken ‘service’ to heart, using the term to wrap-up a new approach to how they deliver their products and expertise. But what about…

Arming SMEs to compete with large corporates for government contracts

30 Sep 2013

Scott Holmes, director, Northern Europe, Colt Ceano tells CBR how SMEs can capitalise and compete against much larger providers for government contracts.

Your web traffic – how to get started with Big Data

28 Sep 2013

Six months ago Neelie Kroes, the commissioner responsible for the Digital Agenda in Europe, declared that Europe had entered the ‘era of Big Data’. There was a great deal of hype around Big Data, with some declaring it to be…

Are you thinking the right way about using mobile and cloud?

26 Sep 2013

According to a recent article, the integration of cloud-based IT and mobile, could allow SMEs to expand their global reach. The danger is that a business might rush into spending money on an IT approach that doesn’t do the job…

Colt’s 2013 charity bike peloton completes Paris-Amsterdam leg

26 Sep 2013

As announced in my previous blog , on Friday 20th Sept, 35 riders from across Colt took up the challenge of riding 560 km from Paris to Amsterdam in four days.

Colt provides integral connections for new King’s Cross Business Park

19 Sep 2013

I’m delighted to say that Colt has successfully provided new connections for two customers residing on the new King’s Cross Business Park development in London. This is important for several reasons. First of all Colt was one of the first…

Are you ready for Cyber Security month?

18 Sep 2013

ENISA: the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security is making October all about Cyber Security. Across twenty five countries and over a number of events, talks and other content, ENISA hopes to increase the awareness of Cyber Security…

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