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A Europe-wide SD WAN from Colt underpins the bank’s digital transformation programme

Almost any long-established large enterprise finds itself challenged by a complex IT estate that’s evolved over time. Applications of different ages run on a variety of platforms, integration becomes a stumbling-block, and information doesn’t flow smoothly from one application to another. The resulting delays and inefficiencies can lead to user frustration, lost productivity and a less-than-ideal experience for customers.

One leading global European investment bank, is set on changing the game. To enhance and accelerate client service and maintain its market-leading position, it’s rethinking the way its applications are hosted and connected to enable more efficient ways of working.

To that end, the bank is engaged in a multi-year transformation programme. Key aspects of the programme are the migration of applications to a hybrid cloud, and the implementation of an advanced networking solution across its European footprint.

A network that puts the customer in control.

The bank’s previous regional network was stitched together using circuits from multiple suppliers. To support its transformation, it sought a more coherent networking solution from a single provider. In response to an RFI, Colt worked with the bank to refine the requirements that were set out in the subsequent RFP: a one-stop-shop networking solution integrating a fully managed SD WAN and network functions virtualisation (NFV).

Colt’s proposal for a Europe-wide software-defined WAN (SD WAN) met the customer’s stated needs for agility and performance. Colt’s solution was preferred because it’s based on open-source technology: the bank has made open source a pillar of its transformation programme to avoid provider and vendor lock-in, and maximise flexibility for the future.

The Colt SD WAN is centred on two interconnected hubs. Depending on their criticality, other sites are connected to the network using single or dual MPLS access circuits at bandwidths up to 1Gbps.

The bank benefits from a solution that combines the security and robustness of an MPLS-based private network suitable for transporting the bank’s most sensitive and critical data, and the flexibility, responsiveness and portal-based self-management advantages of SD WAN, including near-real-time traffic steering and firewall policy management

With SD WAN, the bank is in the driving seat. It can, for example:

  • Rapidly deploy new applications and services, thanks to network function automation
  • Configure routing at each site based on priority, latency, jitter and traffic volumes
  • Centrally manage network components, such as the virtual routers, firewalls and load balancers, which have replaced physical appliances
  • Gain end-to-end visibility of network health and performance through rich portal-integrated analytics

The move to a single provider also delivers tangible cost savings and reduces the contract management overhead.

On course for continued success

With an agile, responsive SD WAN underpinning its transformation, the bank is well placed to pursue its ambitions to get to market faster and grow its market share.

Efficient interconnection of sites and applications allows data to flow quickly and smoothly. So individuals have easier access to information, enabling them to be more effective and productive, and more reactive to clients’ requirements. The bank also benefits from a premium support service developed to meet large corporates’ needs, and a tailored roadmap that lets it quickly take advantage of new features and functionality that meets its particular business needs. The relationship with Colt dates back to the turn of the century. Over the years, it has evolved into a trusted partnership as Colt has demonstrated its understanding of the bank’s needs and priorities, and its ability to deliver innovative solutions. Now SD WAN from Colt is poised to help the bank advance its ambitious transformation programme and take its business to another level.

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