Impactful business communication

Clear communication is an essential part of any organisation

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Today's challenges

Clear communication is essential for your people to have the information they need. However, there can be challenges in making sure you have the right solution:

1. Quality of voice

With good customer experience as a must, it's not acceptable to be dropping calls or for crackly connections. To ensure your organisation has effective communication, you need to have a reliable business-grade voice service to guarantee high quality calls.

2. Multiple Providers

Providing a truly global service often requires the use of multiple providers across locations, making it increasingly complex to manage your voice services.

3. Future-proofing

As voice technology continues to evolve, not everyone is ready to take advantage of the latest developments. Without having the right solution for your migration journey, you run the risk of missing out on many of the benefits you could be leveraging.

Your trusted partner for communication solutions

With Colt you gain access to our global voice network that is fully regulatory compliant and guarantees the highest level of performance. Acting as a single point of contact and contract, we can manage all your voice needs across your footprint, removing the need to work with local providers and the complexities that come with it. Check out what our customers have to say!

Global voice network
Our network is fully regulatory compliant spanning up to 27 countries over four continents

It's difficult to work with multiple providers across your countries, so Colt is your one-stop-shop for your global voice needs

Quick time to market
React to changing demands with ease - add new telephone numbers to your service in just three days

Voice services to meet your needs

Our ISDN product provides high-quality voice in 13 countries, allowing an easy transition to SIP Trunking when you're ready.

Seamlessly converge your voice and data network across your global footprint by migrating to VoIP, and get a highly reliable service at a reduced cost.

Improve collaboration by bringing together productivity applications with Microsoft Office 365 and enterprise-grade voice services in the cloud.

Speak to a voice specialist

Our global network gives you the flexibility to seamlessly connect your voice services.

Discuss your requirements today with our experienced voice team to create a solution that works for you.

For other ways to reach out, try our contact centre.

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