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Women+@Colt aims to promote diversity and gender balance at Colt while engaging with all employees to enable Colt’s women to thrive.

At the time of creation, 25% of Colt was made up of women. We're pleased to say that number has increased to 30% of our workforce but we still have a way to go. 

As a network, we connect all kinds of people together through events to discuss important issues, mentoring to support women’s development and partnering with schools to work on equal opportunities for girls.

Jenni Sach, Chair of Women+@Colt and Director of Business Partner Marketing

To achieve our vision, we need everyone’s support – we all benefit as diverse companies are more innovative, more collaborative and more successful. To continue the work we do at Colt, we are partnering with other great women’s networks to promote gender balance in our industry."

Jenni Sach

Our journey so far

Purple badge image reading Proud to Display the Badge for Menopause Accreditation

We're a Menopause Friendly Employer

We’re excited to announce that Colt has been awarded the Menopause Friendly Employer Accreditation for creating an inclusive culture where everyone feels able to talk about the menopause and individuals are given the support they need.

This makes Colt only one of a handful in our industry to have this accreditation.



The Girls' network

Building a connection with communities around the world and contributing positively to those we live and work in is important to Colt. The Girls’ Network is one of our UK partners and we are proud to mentor students in London to help inspire their career aspirations. 

Find out more about Colt and The Girl's Network...


Group mentoring

In need of a new way to connect with each other in our virtual world, our committee set up small group mentoring sessions via video call. With topics such as resilience, bravery, networking and cross-functional career moves, they provide not only a vital space to talk about personal development, but also a place to network with members and allies from all levels of the business across the globe. 

Meet the Humans of Colt

Megha Kohli

Senior Analyst, India

Pooja Khatri

Senior Consultant, India.

Anika Villalonga

Executive Assistant, Barcelona

Hannah Davies

Brand Marketing Executive, London

'I don't want to be seen as a token'

The Full Picture Podcast

In this podcast, we talk with three women of Colt, who share the experiences they've had in their careers that shaped the women they are today. Jeme, Helen and Shweta reflect on the shifting perceptions of women in the workplace, the frustrations of tokenism and the importance of taking risks.

Our partnerships


Women@Tech is a new community committed to raising the impact of gender equality initiatives at technology industry companies in the UK. They are a collaborative community that shares best practice, innovation and insights to help its member companies achieve a more gender-equal workplace. Women@Tech has representatives from Amazon, BT, Ciena, Colt Technology Services, Expedia, Facebook, Salesforce and is growing. Find out more:


We’ve created a strong partnership with Ciena’s women’s network, supporting events and initiatives as well as working on our personal development through workshops. Learn more about Women@Ciena...

We’re always looking to discuss different topics at our events and gatherings. If you have a suggestion, want to partner with us, or want to speak at one of our events, please get in touch with us at Women@Colt.net