What is Cloud Connect?

Home ❯ Cloud | 15 min read What is Cloud Connect? IP connect, cloud connect, direct connect, dedicated interconnect, direct link, fast connect …… What does it all mean?!? 15 min read Explore our industry-leading cloud services On this page: Introduction History of Cloud Connect Connect via public internet Cloud prioritisation Direct Ethernet Optical Wavelength…

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Accessibility is the best medicine

Hippocrates, regarded as the father of medicine, knew that effective medical care was based on comprehensive knowledge and sound training. Nowadays, digitalisation has greatly increased the possibilities of creating modern, interactive learning formats for prospective doctors in line with the latest research. Thieme Group is committed to enabling accessible medicine and healthier lifestyles. The digital…

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The ultimate guide to SD-WAN

Home ❯ Cloud | 15 min read What is SD-WAN? SD-WAN is a networking technology that enables you to manage & optimise the connectivity of multiple sites across different network transport services, such across the public internet, MPLS or LTE. Now, next-generation SD-WAN is here, and it uses the cloud to its fullest potential. 15…

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High performance computing in the cloud

Supercomputing workloads are no longer confined to stodgy research or educational institutions. Thanks to the cloud, any company with visionary insight can leverage massive-scale data and cloud-based tools.

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Colt completes $1.8bn acquisition of Lumen EMEA

Home ❯ Cloud Colt completes $1.8bn acquisition of Lumen EMEA The transaction has successfully closed, marking new era for Colt and optimism for telecoms industry London, November 2nd 2023  Colt Technology Services (Colt), the digital infrastructure company, today announced it has completed the acquisition of Lumen EMEA for $1.8bn. The closure of the transaction is…

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Preparing for the modern workplace: Insights from experts

outside shot of a trendy office

Olivia McDonald, Cloud Voice Product Operations Lead at Colt, hosted a webinar discussing the modern workplace and the role of cloud voice in shaping the future of work. Olivia was joined by Oliver Lifely, Partner Account Manager at Luware; Andy Macdonald, UK & Ireland Country Manager at Audiocodes; and from Colt, Tim Cook, Director Sales…

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Unleashing possibility at the Gartner IT Symposium 2023

A sprawling cityscape at dusk

By Mirko Voltolini, Vice President of Strategy & Innovation   The Gartner IT Symposium is one of Europe’s biggest gatherings of CIOs and IT executives, and I have the pleasure of joining the team representing Colt at this year’s event. The event boasts thousands of attendees who come together to discuss the future of technology…

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Shaping the future of connectivity and sustainability with Colt’s Innovation Team

A laptop records data from a machine with sensors attached to it

In a world where innovation and adaptation are essential for businesses to thrive, Colt’s Innovation Team is at the forefront of creating ground-breaking solutions. Set up to address the complex challenges customers face, Colt’s team of cross-domain specialists are dedicated to inventing new products and business models that drive sustainable growth for Colt, its partners…

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What is high bandwidth?

A Colt junction box with many cables

Bandwidth, typically measured in bits, kilobits, or megabits per second, is the rate at which data flows over the network. This is a measure of throughput (amount per second) rather than speed (distance traveled per second). A high bandwidth network generally can deliver more information than a low bandwidth network given the same amount of…

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What is Edge Compute?

Edge Computing transforms and replaces your legacy on-premise Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) into an intelligent and flexible Cloud platform, capable of hosting security and network services, distributed Cloud services and latency sensitive enterprise Edge applications. Edge Compute platforms are able to host multiple network services such as Router, Firewall, WAN optimisation and SD WAN as…

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Air Internet Service Co., Ltd

Air Internet Service Co., Ltd achieved significant cost savings and a reduction in delivery time by implementing Colt On Demand services at their disaster recovery site.

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