Colt's dedicated cloud connectivity helps Optimizer win public tenders for their Oracle cloud services to their client Lipor

Optimizer overview

Optimizer is a Portuguese IT services integrator which specialises in designing, implementing, and optimising high-performance information systems and applications for business management. They offer consulting services, project implementation, systems integration, application development, outsourcing, business intelligence, business process modelling, database management and administration, systems auditing, and dedicated training.

Optimizer is certified in accordance with both ISO/ IEC 27001 (Information Security) and ISO 9001 (Quality). They have an innovation team, whose mission is to develop innovative and disruptive products for the market and is certified by the NP 4457 standard. Their highly dynamic and capable team enables the organisation to face challenges head on with technological expertise.

Lipor had been a longstanding consumer of Oracle technologies, hosted in their own datacentre. In 2019, Optimizer, an Oracle Gold Partner, was tasked with driving the cloud transformation of Lipor’s On Premise mission critical systems.

Secure, private, high performance connectivity was viewed as an essential enabler of the migration to cloud underpinning Lipor’s business transformation. To ensure a superior end to end cloud experience Colt’s best in class network was paired with Oracle’s best in class enterprise cloud platform.

“The specification required the supplier to ensure the availability of the cloud solution, by delivering high-performance connectivity to the datacentre where the solution was housed”

Rui Lopes, Business Unit Manager at Optimizer

The challenge

Lipor – Intermunicipal Waste Management Service of Greater Porto (Serviço Intermunicipalizado de Gestão de Resíduos do Grande Porto) manages and treats approximately 500,000 tonnes of urban waste each year, which is produced by one million inhabitants of eight municipalities.

Lipor’s activity is organised on the basis of modern concepts of waste management, which advocates adopting integrated systems and minimising waste deposits in landfill, based on the principles of a Circular Economy and Sustainable Development and its strategic orientation. The set of integrated management systems include Quality, Environment, Safety, Energy, Research, Development and Innovation, and Social Responsibility. Lipor’s commitment to sustainable growth through a circular economy strategy demanded an increased capacity for digitisation.

“The capacity of the information systems and infrastructure was starting to become limited in terms of expansion and meeting the needs, and there was no complete guarantee on information security,” reports Rui Lopes, Business Unit Manager at Optimizer. “The time has come for Lipor to reformulate its infrastructure.”

This led to the formulation of two possible scenarios: constructing a new, entirely local infrastructure – including a new datacentre with all the requirements for security and information systems, as well as a dedicated team for that purpose – or acquiring a cloud solution. Connectivity was an essential element for this project, where the connection between Lipor’s systems in Porto and their datacentre needed to be robust, reliable, and secure.

In light of this, he explains, one of the requirements was for the solution to be fully integrated – including the provision of a dedicated 1Gb DCA line to ensure maintenance and monitoring of the entire cloud infrastructure. In addition, the supplier was pversee and manage the migration itself.

The solution also needed to be scalable, so when Lipor expands its systems in the future, the connectivity would have the capacity to support higher speeds up to 10Gb.

The solution

Delivery of a 1Gbps Colt Dedicated Cloud Access (DCA) service from the customer On-Premise Data Centre in Portugal to OCI, Frankfurt.

Taking into account the project requirements and Lipor’s pre-existing systems, Optimizer decided to offer an Oracle solution for the cloud coupled with Colt connectivity. Colt is also an Oracle-certified partner, which has enabled Optimizer to offer its customers the levels of security and reliability essential for a project conducted in the context of providing essential public services.

“To source our connectivity for this project, we investigated several possible partners and obtained feedback on previous partnerships with Oracle. Taking into account the information disclosed to us, we established that Colt was the best choice to provide the dedicated 1Gb line ,” says Rui Lopes.

“Colt stood out for its responsiveness, reliability, its secure and robust network, robust SLA’s and in particular for being able to offering a complete end-to-end solutions. “

Another distinguishing factor was Colt’s ability to offer last-mile connectivity, allowing a direct connection between Oracle’s Frankfurt datacentre and Lisbon, and between Lisbon and LIPOR’s datacentre in Porto (Baguim do Monte).

As the 1Gb DCA line included in this project can be expanded to offer a connection of up to 10Gb it means that Optimizer can guarantee its clients a scalable solution for the future. Consequently, Lipor can implement new systems in the future without having to reinvest in the network infrastructure. “When making this decision, we realised that Colt gave us a greater guarantee of security and reliability which helped simplify the management of the project,” concludes Rui Lopes.

Lipor achieved a successful migration of their mission critical systems to the Oracle Cloud enabling the scalability they required and underpinned by a best in class network infrastructure.

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Information Technology


Optimizer needed to provide Oracle cloud services to the client LIPOR


1Gbps Colt Dedicated Cloud Access (DCA) service from the customer On-Premise Data Centre in Portugal to OCI, Frankfurt.

DCA (Dedicated Cloud Access)

Oracle FastConnect & Colt

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