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What’s limiting smart city deployment in Europe?

12 Sep 2016

If the benefits from smart city adoption are so apparent, being aided with the constant emergence of connected solutions (IoT, 5G, Cloud), what is limiting smart city deployment across leading nations in Europe?…

Colt presenting at Deutsche Börse’s Open Day

08 Sep 2016

Are you preparing for the introduction of MiFID II? Join us at the Open Day 2016, Deutsche Börse’s IT Conference. The event is taking place on Oct 5th at the Cube, its headquarters in Eschborn, Frankfurt. Colt’s Murat Turgut will…


EDICOM case study

05 Sep 2016

Colt underpins EDICOM’s business growth of more than 300% since 2008. EDICOM is a multinational company with offices in eight different countries and a team of 330 specialist engineers…

Colt Heading BG 12

Ofcom: Getting ducts in a row for fibre investment

05 Sep 2016

Ofcom needs to re-evaluate how it orchestrates its reviews to ensure a solution to Britain’s fibre investment problem and market competition …

Fast, reliable: TORA Compass OEMS

02 Sep 2016

A globally available, fully integrated order and execution management system Operating out of Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, San Francisco, Romania and Jersey, TORA provides advanced trading technology and financial services that span the entire trading process. TORA developed its…

Masergy logo: managed security services and cloud solutions for Masergy

Masergy choose Colt for customer service expertise

30 Aug 2016

Masergy’s customer retention rate is impressively high in a competitive landscape, with an industry-leading NPS of 70.3.

UC flexibility takes pain out of growth

25 Aug 2016

Adoption of new technologies is typically driven by bottom-line benefits, yet analysts advise that predictable costs, scalability and flexibility are stronger drivers for the adoption of UCaaS.

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

23 Aug 2016

Colt delivers reliable connectivity for ANA’s marketing analytics system with Colt Dedicated Cloud Access…

SDN: An overnight star?

18 Aug 2016

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is already enabling enterprises to move rapidly into a new era, where your network really is your network. It’s networking that you can switch and reconfigure dynamically.

What’s actually driving bandwidth demand?

18 Aug 2016

A digital transformation is coming – for some, not fast enough, for others, too fast. A Gartner survey found that 41 per cent of revenue will come from digital business by 2020. But there are too many enterprises that have yet to embark on a digital transformation strategy.

UCaaS security flying high in the cloud

18 Aug 2016

Cost is a typical hurdle with any technology rollout, but the explosive adoption of UC suggests enterprises are beginning to think around the problem. While security is a somewhat abstract consideration.

MCO Europe: extreme data storage

11 Aug 2016

Fast, high-capacity storage to meet MiFID II reporting and other big data needs When MiFID II comes into effect in 2018, capital markets participants will need to comply with extensive data retention requirements. As well as being able to store…

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