On Demand pricing

We offer two commercial models - choose the one that suits you best

Are you a traditional or an On Demand flex customer?

Colt offers an On Demand flex model for customers who want to benefit from the full flexibility of the On Demand platform, and a more traditional model for customers who want to benefit from SDN automation via fixed long term contracts.

Flex model

Pay per hour

Ports based on fixed monthly contracts/rental charges

Benefit from lower circuit pricing

Choose from 1 hour to 36 month commitments

Bandwidth flex up to max port capacity, or down to minimum supported bandwidth

Traditional/Fixed Model

Pay a fixed monthly rate

Standard installation charges

2 / 3 year term-discounts apply

Choose contract for 12-36 months

Bandwidth can be upgraded in real time but not downgraded

Flex model

Our On Demand flex pricing model is designed for those who are looking for a next generation commercial model. Let your network be as flexible as your business.

Based on rentals and per hour billing

Customers commit to a port contract, and then benefit from lower circuit pricing

Range of circuit commitments from 1 hour (flex) and 3/5/12/24/36 month (fixed)

1 hour contract supports fully flexible Bandwidth On Demand (BOD). Charges based on the booked bandwidth, not on the actual GB usage (i.e. BOD, not UBB)

With 1 hour flex contract, bandwidth can flexed up to maximum of port capacity, or down to the minimum bandwidth supported on the port

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Traditional / fixed model

Our On Demand fixed pricing model is designed for those who want a traditional commercial plan. Ensure reliability & security throughout your contract.

Based on traditional installation charges and fixed monthly rental

Fixed term contracts over 12/24/36 months

Service bandwidth can be upgraded in real time but not downgraded

Circuit connection cease incurs standard penalty until end of contract (BAU)

Standard 2-3 year term-discounts apply on recurring fees and circuit install fees

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