Why choose On Demand?

Achieve real-time and scalable control of your network connectivity

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Benefits of an On Demand solution

Colt On Demand Services represents a genuine breakthrough for enterprises that need fully flexible connectivity solutions between Data Centres, Cloud Service Providers and Enterprise buildings.

Gain control of over your network with our feature rich self-service portal

Benefit from real-time service provisioning & say goodbye to long delivery times

Choose from long term fixed contracts or per hour billing with no commitment

Connect to the cloud with a network offering that can match the cloud experience

For Enterprise

Scale your network to meet your requirements

Whether it’s connecting your customers with dedicated layer two connectivity to their business sites, datacentre or building upon your own SD WAN capabilities, Colt On Demand can simplify your last mile connectivity.

Using our intuitive online portal, you can rapidly spin up services for you customers in line with their business demands in near real-time.

Direct fibre connections to 800 data centres and 27,500 enterprise buildings

Two commercial models to support your operations

High quality network connectivity with service availability above 99.95%

For Wholesale

Enable intelligent, future-proof connectivity to your business sites, in minutes

A fast paced business needs a network that can keep up with its demands. Colt On Demand offers a future-proof, SDN enabled network that will accelerate your digital strategy faster. Provision your services in near real-time and scale your bandwidth in line with your business needs.

With more enterprises utilising the cloud, connectivity to your off-site data is crucial to the way your business operates.

Real-time provisioning and bandwidth flexing

Pay-as-you-go billing with flexible contracts

Connect to 800+ data centres globally

Colt as your network provider

We own our own fibre network end-to-end, from building to building - meaning we don't depend on external partners for service quality. Because of this, we can deliver competitive pricing, offer services globally with consistency, and lead the way in service innovation, free from restriction.

Our industry leading network has consistently won awards & recognition for its quality and consistency. By joining the Colt IQ Network, you benefit from:

The simplicity of Colt as your single partner, leading no need for multiple suppliers and various network contracts

The resilience of a variety of tiered redundancy and diversity options according to your needs

Choosing from multiple service options to ensure you get the best service from your budget