Connect your enterprise

Flexible Ethernet connectivity between your locations.

On Demand connectivity between enterprise locations

Colt On Demand allows customers to connect their enterprise branch office locations in a flexible and scalable way. With Colt On Demand Services, we give you control of your network and the ability to make changes in near real-time.

Colt has integrated 27,500 enterprise office locations across 24 countries into the On Demand platform which means that customers can request new services via the click of a mouse. Customers can scale bandwidth in near real-time, in line with demand.

Benefits at a glance

Colt On Demand Services represents a genuine breakthrough for enterprises that need fully flexible connectivity solutions between Data Centres, Cloud Service Providers and Enterprise buildings.

Gain control of over your network with our feature rich self-service portal
Benefit from real-time service provisioning & say goodbye to long delivery times
Choose from long term fixed contracts or per hour billing with no commitment
Connect to the cloud with a network offering that can match the cloud experience

Simple, yet powerful connectivity

As your on demand network provider, we deliver value for many use cases, including, but not limited to: cost efficient business continuity, agile connectivity for urgent and temporary needs, bandwidth growth management, and enhancing the end-user experience in the cloud.

See how to use our portal in our short demo video on the right.

Our solutions

Colt has several On-Demand solutions to connect your IT services easier and faster – even if they are in different cities or countries.

Our service gives you dedicated, high performance and scalable Ethernet connections between any of your sites - data centres, enterprise buildings or access points into public cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud and more.

As a result, all your IT services, business-critical or not, can work together seamlessly and be up running in minutes.


Modify your network On-Demand in 4 steps:

Login to our On Demand portal with your unique, secure ID

Reserve and release your network ports by adding their locations to our database

Build a connection between your new ports via direct Ethernet or Cloud

Modify, schedule & scale your bandwidth and commitments in real time

Service features

Most extensive coverage in Europe & Asia with more than 900 data centres and more than 29,000 enterprise buildings

Connections can be completed and modified in real time

Pay-as-you-go billing with a flexible contracts

Experience zero frame loss, consistent low latency and jitter-free connectivity

High quality network connectivity with service availability above 99.95%

Explore Colt's partnerships with the world's leading Cloud providers:

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