Welcome to the Operator Blog.

We believe, it is time to communicate and let you know what we are working on, share news and gather feedback – this is what we intend to achieve via this and all following blogs.

Let us explain first, why we are using the term “Operator” – and who we are. We are using “Operator” – as we see much more differentiation in our sales channel, than the previously known term “Wholesale” is describing. Your business, that we support, ranges from the traditional wholesale to Carriers thru Data- and Voice-Resellers over to System Integrators – all of you buy services or solutions to supply value added products and services to your customer base. Hence we will be using “Operator Channel” as the bracket around the different types of business you conduct.
WE – this is a small team of two people working as Channel Marketeers to enhance our offering and market position in the Operator Channel. Both of us have gathered lots of experience in the market and in colt that hopefully enables us to achieve the goals and targets we set ourselves in the Operator Channel.

So we hope that you find our blogs inspiring and helpful – let us know your feedback and requirements so we can improve and continue to add value to our business relationship !

Case Study

OneAsia Network Limited

Colt Hong Kong Metro is adopted as a network for connection between data centres and financial hub…

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Network encryption circuit illustrating end-to-end encryption

Network Encryption Services

Protect sensitive data in motion with Colt IQ Network Encryption Services. Effective network security relies on multiple layers of defence, not just at the edge and core of the network but also along the network path. …

People working at a modern network services company

Colt, Semafone and PCI DSS compliance

Colt has partnered with Semafone to provide its Cardprotect solution for organisations taking payment from customers over the phone, in line with the PCI DSS regulation. …

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